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BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access is a simple set of BodyTalk techniques that anyone can use to better their own health. Originally this subset of BodyTalk was used in parts of Africa where access to a BodyTalk practitioner or any other health practitioner involved many days of travel. This system was so successful (about 60% of the health problems people were having were resolved), it is now taught to thousands of people every day in many countries throughout the world.

I teach BodyTalk Access and use it myself every day. It takes 10 minutes and keeps me at a regular level of wellness I never thought possible.

Another aspect of the BodyTalk Access system is a protocol called FastAid. It is an emergency technique that can quickly turn an emergent and potentially tragic situation into a minor incident. Miracle stories abound about this technique and its successful applications.

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Please check back for upcoming BodyTalk Access classes. If you are interested in taking a BodyTalk Access class, send me a note and include possible dates.

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