Your Session Starts Here

While you are reading this and considering a session, your cells and within those cells, your DNA, is lining up and preparing to let go of what is no longer needed and enhance the systems that work well in your body. This is not magic (though it is miraculous)! It's the same mechanism that begins to release digestive juices in your stomach well before you sit down to eat or lights up particular neurons in your brain just before you think about moving your hand to touch someone you love. Your body knows what's happening before it happens. An advantage to energy work is that the energetic world exists outside of linear time and so your energetic body is in motion toward the best it can be. Even if you click away from this site right now and never call me for a session, you will have received the benefits of just considering a higher state of wellness.


On the Table

For more detailed explanation of the healing techniques I use, please click here .

After Your Session

After one session you will very likely feel peaceful and have a sense of well-being. For some, you may also feel some dramatic shifts in your body that alert you that something major has happened. I am, indeed, in the miracle business, so it's possible changes could occur very quickly for you. It is also true that it could take more than one session before you really begin to see a difference, especially if your problems are chronic and have been part of your life for a long time. I am happy to respond to questions that come up for you after your session, so please feel free to call or email me.

Come Again?

It is always a good idea to receive regular healing sessions. Even if you are feeling well, these sessions work great as preventative maintenance. There are many studies available reinforcing the idea that trips to your energy worker mean less trips to the hospital!

After your session, we can determine togther the optimum time for your return. Please note that I usually have special pricing available for multiple sessions, so always check back for those. Click here to see the latest specials.

Your Pet

There are a few differences in a session for your pet. First, since travel can be difficult for animals, I usually come to you rather than meeting you at my clinic. Second, I will often work on your body as a surrogate for your pet, so the pet is free to move around or act as he or she needs during the session. The final difference is that animals tend to respond faster to energy work than humans, so the results can be quite dramatic. The great news with pets is that they are very aware of their connection to their families and any work we do on them reflects positively on you and everyone you live with.

Distance Sessions

Energy and consciousness work does not consider the distance between the client and the practitioner to be an issue. I can work with you from anywhere to anywhere. For me, oftentimes, the sessions are even more potent when I work with you at a distance because I am not distracted by the physical body and can work purely on the energetic level. I am comfortable with this idea because I've seen it work many, many times. My first experience with energy healing, as a matter of fact, was as a receiver of distance sessions. They had a marked effect on my health and are why I am now a practitioner.

There are a number of scientists who have studied the idea of working with patients at a distance. Click Here for an abstract of a study done by IBA associates.

Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. James Oschman. have both done extensive study and writing on the subject.

These expert's perspectives are well worth checking out. For other science links Click Here.